Journalism & Flattering – Social Evil

Awad ud din Anwari was a Persian language poet, he was born in modern day Turkmenistan. His famous work is ‘Tears of Khorasan’.

He is known for his panegyric poetry, it is said that he once told Sultan Sanjar, that if he appoint him his court poet, he will never be bored. Anwari was so skilled in eulogies and was confident of his laudatory poetry required to please Sultan. He once said to Sultan

“To sing praise and laud for someone else but you Is like performing the ablutions with sand at seashore”

Unfortunately majority of our Pakistani journalist are doing the same thing, few are writing laudatory essays on the performance of our politicians and few are writing panegyric for military. You can feel that in their programmes, very few gives the impression of neutral opinion.  Some are unduly praising the work of military and other are blindly defending the politicians.
Anwari once said to Sultan after being offered stale vinegar

“I asked for wine and you gave me stale vinegar
Such that, should I drink it, I should rise up at the resurrection like pickled meat”.

Under all conditions they will defend their worldly Gods.


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